David Jon Bowman

A thought-leader on workplace and change management issues, actor/lecturer, management consultant, top-selling author, Fortune 200 executive, entrepreneur and educator – David Jon Bowman – has enjoyed a multi-faceted career.

He’s had a life-long passion for acting and public speaking.

As a management consultant, he’s improved individual productivity and helped many corporations navigate the turbulent waters of change, this through his many on-site and on-line programs. He is known as America’s Human Capital Consultant.

His “Career and Workplace Advice” is often featured on national TV and radio news/talk shows. David is the author of several books and audio series, and he regularly writes about career and workplace issues in newspapers and other periodicals. His university lectures (UCLA) and public seminars have re-focused careers throughout America.

He’s A Blend Of Many Professions…

Actor & Performer

David Bowman has appeared in many top television programs and national on-camera & voice-over commercials…  Read more…

Thought-Leader, Management Consultant, Executive Coach & Entrepreneur

David Bowman is Founder and Chairman of TTG Consultants, as well as the past President…  Read more…

Speaker & Presenter

David Bowman is a frequent speaker.  He discusses many topics dealing with…  Read more…

Radio & TV On-Air Commentator

David is a frequent guest on radio & TV news/talk shows…  Read more…

Author & Producer

David Bowman is a prolific author of training and educational programs…  Read more…

Fortune 200 Executive

David Bowman is a former Fortune 200 executive whose corporate management career included…  Read more…

Who Likes David?

“David you’re obviously an expert in your field.  I was impressed by your thought process.”

Tony Robbins Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

“I was about to hyperventilate, I was so excited about this interview!”

Leeza Gibbons American Talk Show Host

“I highly recommend Dave and his services for any executive considering changes in their career.”

Nestlé USA Former Chief Executive Officer

“We’ve really got the phone lines lit here!  He’s a great guest – we have to have him back again.”

KABC Los Angeles

“Your insights helped enrich the show and were very well received by our audience.”

KTLA Los Angeles

“You’ve got a great voice, especially for radio…!”

Jim Kalal Clear Channel Radio