Seven Popular Speeches & Presentations


by David Jon Bowman

Take an information-filled, humorous ride (with cartoons, videos, and stories) into today's workplace world of career and talent management.  Mr. Bowman is a well-recognized management consultant, as well as a keynote speaker and seasoned actor.

Seismic Demographic Shifts In The American Workforce – How They Affect Hiring, Managing & Retaining The Best Employees

The Audience Will Learn:
  • Generational shifts are transforming the global & U.S. economy & workplace...
    • Today, there are five very different generations in the workplace:
      1. Traditionals,
      2. Baby Boomers,
      3. Generation Xers,
      4. Millennials,
      5. Generation Zers – sometimes called Generation Yers.
    • Each of these generations has quite different needs, expectations and perceptions about the workplace – and what it should be.
  • Digital communication, big data, automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and cognitive technologies – among so much more – are totally transforming the workplace, and all are seen quite differently by each generation.
  • Changing American cultural values affecting the workplace also are viewed differently by each generation...
    • Same-sex marriage, changes in immigration, changing gender roles, movement to a multi-cultural & multi-lingual nation, co-habitation, divorce, childlessness, working women, religious abandonment, migration to cities – and so much more!
  • So, this presentation will discuss how management can...
    • Balance these seismic shifts.
    • Create an employee friendly workplace.
    • Attract, hire, manage and retain employees for productivity and profitability.

Successfully Managing Change In Turbulent Times

The Audience Will Learn How To:
  • Get The Organization “Ready” for Change
  • Make Change Happen
  • Manage The Change Process…
    • Dealing With Internal/External Pressure For Change
    • Measuring Capacity For Change
  • Recognize The Transition Phases
  • Handle Resistance To Change
  • Help Employees Work Through Change
  • Make Change “Stick”
  • And More!

The Qualities of Effective Leadership - "Must Have" Competencies for Leadership Success

The Audience Will Learn:
  • The Importance Of Leadership
  • The 7 Primary Leadership Competencies
  • How To Determine Individual Leadership Strengths
  • Methods to Develop Missing Leadership Qualities
  • How To Ensure Continued Use Of Leadership Strengths
  • And More!

Building High Performance Teams

The Audience Will Learn:
  • The Importance Of Defining Team “Mission”
  • How To Determine High Performance “Core Competencies”
  • Methods For Choosing The “Right” Team Members
  • How To Create “Synergy” On A New Or Re-Built Team
  • Techniques For Introducing Change To A Team – So It’s A “Bottom-Up,” Not A “Top-Down” Decision
  • And More!

Dealing With Difficult People - Turning Conflict Into Cooperation

The Audience Will Learn:
  • Nine Steps To Conflict Problem Solving
  • Ten Communication Rules For Easier Conflict Problem Solving
  • How To Get Unwilling Parties To Cooperate
  • And More!

Secrets To Success in the "New" Economy & Workplace - How To Climb The Corporate Ladder and Not Get Stuck on the Rungs

The Audience Will Learn:
  • 7 Methods To Get A Raise – And Prove You’re Worth It
  • 9 Sure-Fire Ways To Get A Promotion
  • How To Be On The Power Team
  • The Importance Of Job-Saving Allies – And How To Create Them
  • How To Create Personal “Visi-Posure”
  • And More!

30 Ways To De-Stress Life and Work

The Audience Will Learn:
  • The Causes Of Stress & “Burnout” – Its Signs
  • The Effects Of Long-Term Stress
  • 30 De-Stressors For Life And Work
  • Quick Relaxation Techniques For Office Or Home
  • And More!