Corporate Testimonials

Corporate Testimonials

"The Birkman (Method Profile) was simply awesome – a remarkable X-ray of my soul!"
-Client & Former President, CBS Television Network

"Dave has an extremely varied background that gives him unique perspectives on different ways of addressing problems and opportunities.  At the same time, he uses proven techniques to help his clients focus on where they can be successful.  He is always willing to help and he always has his clients' best interests at heart.  Dave has been a great asset for me and I have enjoyed working with him.  I highly recommend him and his services for any executive who is considering development in their career."
-Client & Former Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer, Nestle USA

"What an incredibly thorough program.  I've been receiving excellent feedback about TTG's services from our employees.  You have been and continue to be incredibly generous with your time, and I truly can't thank you enough."
-Former Chief Operating Officer, Participant Media

"Dave, thank you so much for caring at this high level."
-CEO, Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union

"The tools and concepts you present target the areas that demand attention, and point the way to accommodate those demands."
-Executive, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

"David, you were great last evening, as you always are.  (Everyone) really benefited from your advice.  You're the guru when it comes to career development."
-Past President, Hollywood (CA) Publicists' Guild

"Through our conversations, the tools and reference materials you provided, I have been able to gain even more insight into myself and my potential.  You provide so many wonderful ways to uncover potential avenues to pursue and hidden values I can present.  As self-aware and as well as I thought I knew myself, I learned much more these past months.  I'm incredibly grateful for that."
-Former Senior Vice President, Sony Pictures Digital

"You deserve an award (Oscar) too, for your guiding so many Hollywood careers.  Keep it up!"
-Robert Osborne, Film & Television critic, Author

"You showed me that I was a valuable, marketable product.  I now have the ability to know my true self-worth."
-J.B., Client
"You're obviously an expert in your field.   I was impressed by your thought process."
-Major Author, Motivational Speaker & TV Personality

"I would like to thank you again for all the assistance you offered me.  During my coaching, I had the occasion to take a step back and quite professionally look at myself in a different way.  I was able to objectively analyze my strengths and weaknesses, and determine the type of environment in which I would best be suited.  And most importantly, I was able to determine what would make me happy in my career.  Through our dozen or so interactions, I was able to honestly come to the answers to many long-held personal questions."
-M.C., Client

"Sincere thanks for the help and guidance you provided me, which exceeded substantially, by any standards, the professional assistance and personal concern anyone could possibly have expected."
-E.C., Client

"David, your advice was a candle in the dark for me."
-D.C., Client

"You are helping to create long-term changes in people's lives by providing a renewed sense of pride and dignity."
-Executive, Chrysalis Foundation

"Good stuff, David!  It has been a pleasure working with you.  I hope we will be able to continue our progress towards building great leaders in a future contract."
-Former General Manager, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

"Just a note of appreciation for your energy and support.  Your sense of humor helped alleviate some of the pain and frustration during these past few weeks.  Certainly your program is a well thought-out one, but it is ultimately you and your staff who make it work.  Congratulations on having fine people on your team."
-S.S., Client

"Thank you so much for all of your coaching and encouragement.  I'm thrilled to have a new sense of what responsibility and accountability really means again."
-N.H., Client

"Your guidance prevented a lot of false starts and stops, and something that could have been drudgery was turned into an adventure."
-B.S., Client