Radio & TV Testimonials

Radio & TV Testimonials

"They've helped me identify careers I wouldn't have thought about before."
-The NBC Nightly News, NBC-TV

"I was about to hyperventilate, I was so excited about this (interview)!"
-Leeza Gibbons, NBC-TV

"You're obviously an expert in your field.  I was impressed by your thought process."
-Tony Robbins, Author, Motivation Speaker & TV Personality

"Your comments and insight on Mid-Life crisis helped clarify the issue, and made for an extremely compelling program."
-Ron Reagan, FOX-TV

"Incredible statistics!"
-KNBC (TV), Los Angeles

"You deserve an (Oscar) award too, for your guiding so many aspirants into Hollywood careers.  Keep it up!"
-Robert Osborne,
Film & Television critic
"Fascinating interview.  I only wish they'd give me more air time to use more of it."
-Voice of America

"We haven't seen the switchboard light-up like this in a very long time!"
-KSTP, Minneapolis

"Your insights helped enrich the show and were very well received by our audience."
-KTLA (TV), Los Angeles

"...he changes your thinking about what you do (for a living)."
-KMOX, St. Louis

"You are perfect for radio because of your have a great deal of enthusiasm, and it shows in your voice and your interview."
-KSDO, San Diego

"We've really got the (phone) lines lit here!  He's a great guest – we have to have him back again."
-KABC, Los Angeles
"How a man can pursue his passion, AND get a paycheck – I want to find out about this!"
-Cybill Shepard, NBC-TV

"Wow – love your voice sound like the voice of God!"
-Former CEO, Nestle USA

"You are really terrific at what you're a real pro, and they're rare these days."
-Stefan Rudnicki, Producer

"You've got a great voice, especially for radio...!"
-Jim Kalal, Clear Channel Radio

"Great stuff – as usual."
-Gary Collins, ABC-TV

"Great information!"
-The Susan Powter Show (TV)

"He shows you how to get a raise!"
-Joe Bartlett, WOR, New York