Speaker Testimonials

Speaker Testimonials

"You contributed significantly to the Conference's (U.S. Department of Labor's Workforce Innovations) overall success."
-William Sanders Jr., Director of Workforce Innovations, U.S. Department of Labor

"Your presentation gave the participants new insights and ideas..."
-Tracy Santella, Meeting Planner, Financial
Executives International (Association)

"Your presentation proved to be a popular, informative and incredibly useful program.  The response was very favorable."
-Lynsi Derouin, Program Manager,
Los Angeles Times Events

"You are an inspiration to me.  Your session – the only SRO (standing room only) of the day – was clearly a hit.  And, the first time EVER we've had people actually beg the speaker to stay and keep going!  Thanks for the fine work, and the extra inning.  My personal thanks for a job well done."
-Lance Webster, Executive Director, Television
Publicity Executives Association

"Your presentation was timely, well researched and effectively presented."
-James C. Gray, Vice President,
Zurich-American Insurance Group

"I would like to thank you, David, for another smash hit!"
-Fernando Mills, UCLA Alumni Association
"David, thank you for helping to make our conference the most successful ever!"
-Todd Lipka, Executive Director, Professionals
in Human Resources Association

"The contents of David's workshops will provide participants a competitive edge in today's job market!"
-Jonathan Jones, Urban League

"We truly appreciate your time and knowledge.  We received many positive comments (about your) insight and advice.  Many (attendees) have indicated their career paths have been solidified."
-Alice White, Director, The American Pavilion

"Thank you for your presentation at Women In Film.  The members enjoyed your talk very much.  I think your tips were very practical, and of value to people in many different areas of the entertainment industry."
-David Bortman, Executive Director, Women In Film

"Thank you for your outstanding, informative presentation...it was well received and sparked a lively discussion – something I always regard as a mark of success."
-Alan R. May, University of Illinois Alumni Association

"David, you were great last evening, as you always are.  (Everyone) really benefited from your advice.  You're the guru when it comes to career guidance."
-Henri Bollinger, Past President,
Hollywood (CA) Publicists Guild